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Look no further! Bowen Therapy may be your answer. Try it !! ... You have nothing to lose, except the pain.


The Bowen Technique is possibly the greatest discovery of a complementary therapy and is revolutionising healthcare worldwide. Many academics and members of the medical profession have been impressed by the results this modality has achieved. Dr. R. Fleming in the UK states, "after more than 30 years years of general practice I am finding the Bowen Technique to be the most effective and efficient Hands-on procedure that I have ever studied".

Dr. Lou Hassik, a Natural Medicine Practitioner from New Zealand states, "The Bowen Technique has made my previous approach to human health care redundant. I now consider Bowtech to be the most important health care discovery in human history."

Dr. Christine Staub, Director of Medical Options at Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital in the USA writes, "As a family physician with special interest in the treatment of chronic illness and pain syndromes, where there are cases which do not seem to respond to anything or which come to an impasse, I have seen Bowen Therapy unlock the door ... I am now committed to using Bowen Therapy as first line treatment whenever possible."

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Bowen Technique is a gentle hands-on-bodywork therapy, which involves a sequence of light, safe, non-invasive, yet dynamic moves on specific areas of connective tissue (muscle, tendon or nerve plexus) with frequent pauses and can be done on anyone from newborn infants to frail care elderly.

This technique is believed to flow in harmony with the subtle energies of the body and sets up vibrational energy patterns with specific frequencies which affect particular parts of the body. It addresses the body as a whole unit and encourages an integrated response by balancing and re-aligning the body on all levels of the physical, chemical, emotional and mental aspects.

This technique was developed by the late Mr Thomas A. Bowen (1916-1982) in Geelong, Australia. After World War 2, he continued with his pursuit in finding ways of alleviating human suffering and began to notice that certain moves done on the body in a specific sequence on the body had particular effects. Over a period of time he developed the system as it is used today, claiming that is was a 'gift from God'. The Original Bowen Technique is wholly original in that it is not derived from any other modality.

The fact that Bowen Technique has spread rapidly throughout the rest of the world with thousands of qualified practitioners in over 26 countries, and the fact that the results speak for themselves, is having a positive and healthy impact here in South Africa, where it has been introduced a few years ago.


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